grasby art

abstraction workshop

Learn how to take inspiration from the natural world and create beautiful abstract artwork. In this workshop you will learn how to abstract key colours, textures, lines, and forms from the natural world and integrate them into your artwork. Methods and mediums to create interesting flow and pattern will be reviewed and demonstrated. You will be show how to use key concepts of colour theory, colour harmony, texture, composition, balance, and flow to guide your art making process.

Students may sign up for one or more of the dates below. Projects may vary in size including several small canvasses or can include one or two large works. These may be completed in one visit or may be completed in series of layers over multiple visits.

Some supplies are included for this workshop

Liquid acrylic paint

Metallic acrylic paint

Spray bottles

Masking Tape

Mixing cups

Permanent markers

Brushes, scrapers, etc.

Fabrics and Papers


Specialized supplies however are not included for this workshop

Additional supplies that you may want to bring include:

Canvasses (any sizes)

Acrylic ink

Alcohol ink

Painting pens and markers

Special mediums

Pouring medium

Cell flow medium

Glazing mediums

Additional Items to create interesting patterns or textures

Fabrics, papers etc.

Complete supply kits are available for this workshop in the store (20% discount for students)